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Megafanstore shares delivery - STO and stock exchange trading

STO Megafanstore / Trade

Megafanstore Marketing has announced as recently generated the Megafan token on the Stellar Blockchain, representing the respective shares. These tokens can be delivered electronically to shareholders and posted on a wallet. Each shareholder thus has access and direct disposal through his participation in Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. and is thus able to easily transfer or sell tokens to third parties.

In the near future an STO (Secutity Token Offering) is planned. The offer price of the new shares will be around € 2.5 per Megafanstore share. Following the STO, trading will take place on the Stellar Exchange. Here an open order book as well as an uncomplicated trade from the Wallet is possible. Trading on the Stellar Exchange gives millions of crypto investors the opportunity to trade shares or tokens on megafanstores.

The exact procedure and possible detailed questions are still discussed with the BaFin (Federal Supervisory Office for Financial Services Supervision).


The Stellar Blockchain

The Stellar Blockchain has crystallized as the appropriate block chain for the safekeeping of assets such as stocks or bonds. IBM uses the blockchain for a new payment system.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that the transaction speed is faster than, for example, with etherium. In addition, the stellar blockchain offers the difference that it is not a pure peer-to-peer connection. This is an essential criterion, especially from a regulatory point of view. BaFin has recently approved an STO based on Stellar Blockchain and many other issuers are now implementing STO based on Stellar. In particular, this will result in a very large number of investors trading on StellarDecentral Exchange and, accordingly, readily available tradable security tokens will benefit disproportionately from this development, as millions of investors are likely to become aware of deals.

Leading business media see a huge trend in security token trading over the next few years, forecasting a $ 3 billion market. In addition, there are next to the Stellar DEX further numerous exchanges for security tokens or existing regulated exchanges to hybrid exchanges are expanded. Under the keyword STO or Security Token numerous articles are available in the net.

PLEASE NOTE: Stellar does not support Microsoft browsers such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.


Megafantoken on the Stellar Blockchain:


The public account of the Megafan Token can be seen HERE:


To get the Megafan tokens or to buy and sell, you need a wallet on Stellarport: Stellaport has an integrated web interface for easy and simple trading on the Stellar DEX Exchnage. The Stellar Dex Exchange will present a completely transparent market with an open order book. All orders, ie buy and sell orders are displayed with volume and price HERE.

The further information about the erection of the wallet, the delivery of the tokens and the coming STO and Trading at the Exchange is continuously conducted via the website as well as through the telegram groups.

Current private placement

Until the announcement of the IBO (Inital Blockshares Offering), it will still be possible to participate in the Megafanstore before the IPO. The price per share is € 1.50 in the public private placement and € 1.30 in the Family Friends Program for shareholders. The valuation of the company results in approximately 600,000 shares approx. 0.9 million euros. As soon as a fungible trading of shares in HYBSE takes place and a corresponding market exists, a significantly higher valuation can be expected. The course of Megafanstore Ltd. will then be significantly dependent on operational progress in the coming months. If these are positive, significant price increases compared to the current price of the share are possible. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware of possible risks. However, we are of the subjective opinion that under the present conditions a very good chance: Risk ratio for the investor exists. The subscription form for the current Private Placement 1.50 Euro / Megafanstore share can be downloaded here.

Offer for our existing shareholders:
You can download the subscription form for the current Family & Friends program at 1.30 Euro / Megafanstore share here.

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