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Update on cooperation with Great Branding and UEFA

Berlin, London, 14th November 2019

Dear shareholders,

I would like to inform you about our current plans with Great Branding and the UEFA Champions League for the China Project.

Basically, the project can be seen as a franchise model for football merchandising products. Megafanstore has established connections with a Chinese partner, which is ideally suited for launching the project in China. The partner already has a comprehensive, nationwide network of retail stores and has the human and logistic resources to launch another 10 to 20 fan football fan articles at short notice. The launch is scheduled for February 2020.

The Great Branding will be the lead partner that governs the connection between the clubs and the above-mentioned Chinese partner. The Chinese stores and activities are referred to as the "Home of Football". Cooperation with UEFA is a key to creating added value, with no exclusive link being made only to UEFA products. Thus, it is also possible to offer directly the products of the individual clubs.

Home of Football offers:

1. UEFA Champions League products. (mono branded)
2. UEFA Champions League and Club products (dual branded)
3. Club products (mono branded)

"Home of Football" will operate under the umbrella of UEFA. The advantages of the UEFA cooperation result in the marketing under the slogan "the best of the best". This cooperation will allow us access to UEFA's social media and possibly marketing support, such as club ambassadors and cup presentations for Chinese fans.

chinese fans

The Chinese markets are a very big but also challenging market. We have researched existing merchandising products that are currently available and found, that the merchandise that has been commonly offered outside authentic Club Player shirts does not match the tastes and desires of local fans. Opportunities for exclusive marketing in China for individual clubs are even conceivable after initial talks. Thanks to the structures we have now created, we are also able to offer other products from our range, in particular the 3D mini-fan in the stores.

Red Devil
Red Devils fan (Manchester United) with 3D minifan

Further global potential

Our franchise project not only has tremendous potential in China and Asia, but under UEFA's umbrella is also transferable to other cities in Europe, Canada and the US, as there is a growing interest in football and the UEFA Champions League. Here Megafanstore could also act as a franchise partner of its own franchise model
and also implement the 3D minifan or 3D scanners into the concept.

Synergies with other business areas

The own franchise model offers additional advantages, since certain own products can be offered in the sales structure. In particular, the planned edition (with UEFA) with the European top football players as 3D minifigures as an example. In addition, the contact with the big clubs is built up, which should make itself payable with regard to the further strategic plans in the area of ​​building virtual worlds (3D minifan) or the fan channel project (co-branded messenger service). The start in the online B2C business via is now possible
after a longer test phase with the new UCL products in 2020. The complete technical infrastructure for the own on-line shop was created in the last two years.

With best regards

Andreas Schmidt
Managing Director / CEO

private placement

Until the announcement of the STO (Security Token Offerings), it is still possible to participate in the Megafanstore before the IPO. The price per share is € 1.50 in the public private placement and € 1.30 in the Family Friends Program for shareholders. The valuation of the company amounts to approx. € 1.1 million with approx. 700,000 shares. As soon as a fungible trading of the shares takes place in Stellar Decentralized Exchange and a corresponding market exists, a significantly higher valuation can be expected. The course of Megafanstore Ltd. will then be significantly dependent on operational progress in the coming months. If these are positive, significant price increases compared to the current price of the share are possible. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware of possible risks. However, we are of the subjective opinion that under the present conditions a very good chance: Risk ratio for the investor exists. The subscription form for the current Private Placement 1.50 Euro/Megafanstore share can be downloaded here.The subscription form for the current Private Placement 1.50 Euro / Megafanstore share can be downloaded here.

Offer for our existing shareholders:
You can download the subscription form for the current Family & Friends program at 1.30 Euro / Megafanstore share here.

For further information we are at your disposal.
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Megafanstore operates the online platform and has started operations. In addition, the products are offered globally via Amazon. The social media activities in Facebook and Instagram were already started at the end of 2016.

Recommendation Marketing:

The entire shop offer is to be promoted predominantly via social media channels. An integral part of the strategy is the cooperation with Reward Stream Solutions Inc. (, TSX-V: REW, Frankfurt: JL4L - WKN: A2APX1). The company provides a technical platform for referral marketing, through bloggers or social media users who publish content, direct customers to, and receive commissions. Since the location for the Internet is irrelevant, the Referral Partner can be anywhere in the world. Megafanstore intends to recruit up to 500 referral partners in the next few months and expects a significant increase in revenue. Referral Partners can track their activities on Megafanstore's scalable recommendation platform. Megafanstore offers a variety of referral options, including email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, text messaging, WhatsApp, direct marketing, and many other channels.

Megafanstore focuses on selling fan merchandise to sports teams, music stars, artists, top athletes or "Germany" fan articles. Currently, the lifestyle sneaker collection of Manchester United and the Germany fan sneaker is offered. Here is a sufficient inventory available and it will be needed for this product no further funds.

The product range is currently being significantly expanded and numerous sales cooperations have been concluded, for example with the oldest Manchester United fan store (Red Legends Store) or the UK game manufacturer Lemond Games. Also from numerous other clubs, in particular from the Premier League and the football league, fan articles are to be offered. Football fans can create a miniature figure of their own, for example with a cup in their hand.

soccer united-card:

Megafanstore has entered into a cooperation with soccerunited-card regarding the marketing of Megafanstore's products, and Megafanstore also offers its customers the soccerunited-card. As with referral marketing, this cooperation is expected to generate significant revenue.


Under the label Megabet are also offered as a Whitelabelpartner sports betting. In particular, customer-specific marketing measures from the existing customer base can be carried out relatively inexpensively. For example, those who are interested in Germany fan products, especially before football matches, can be alerted to suitable betting opportunities. A cooperation with Bet-at-Home, a leading provider of sports betting, has been completed.


This document contains forward-looking statements regarding the macroeconomic development as well as the business, earnings, financial and asset position of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. These statements are based on the Company's current plans, estimates, projections and expectations and are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause the actual to differ materially from the anticipated development. The forward-looking statements are valid only at the time of publication. Zeo Trade & Development Ltd. or Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. do not intend to update the forward-looking statements and assume no obligation to do so. In addition, no guarantee can be assumed for future business development. It is possible that developments will occur which will result in different projects not being able to be realized as planned, or that investments may not be worthwhile in hindsight. Zeo Trade & Development Ltd and Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. assume no liability for this case.